Saturday, April 24, 2010

MIM Musical Instrument Museum

Wow, it's been a long time since I have updated my blog. Lots of stuff happening,written several stories and sent them out to publishers, doing some landscaping around the house, big job. But for this post I thought I toss out a few pictures of the MIM.

Officially the MIM just opened today, the date of this post, but they invited a bunch people to a pre-opening event to check it out. I moved rather quickly through it and it still took almost 4 hours. Lot's of fascinating videos from far off lands showing traditional and modern instruments in use. Most every country is represented.

A very cool place. Large building, state of the art museum, lots of instruments from all over the world and from very long ago. Some common place,

and some not so common place, like this "horn" amplified instrument. Can't believed it was used up until 1950.

Polka more than Beer and Brats!!

One of Dick Dales amps, I wonder if anyone took a bacteria culture from this? Strangely enough amps that look like this are often the ones that are the most magical.

Dick Dale's reverb unit, without this surf music would never have been the same.

The conservatory, where old instruments get care and feeding,

They even had a couple of Fender amplifiers that I had a hand in the design of. Here I am in front of a second generation Cyber-Twin.

So if you find yourself in Phoenix with a few hours to kill this is a recommended stop.

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